Posh Frocks and Wellies was conceived from an idea sparked off at a music festival; we just loved one of the tea tents!  It was so pretty, made of canvas and an unusual scooped design. A few months later Posh Frocks and Wellies was born with very similar tents for hire for our lovely customers.

Tents are the heart of most festivals, coming in all shapes and sizes, from giant dark tensioned structures for massive music stages to tiny wristband tents, to ambient dance stretch tents. They are made from plastic, lycra and canvas and come in a bewildering range of shades and colours. They add a variety of forms and spaces that enhances the feel of the festival, contributing to their unique feeling and vibe.

We can provide stretch and canvas tents for hire for almost any festival. already specialising in canvas tents for several festivals that have a traditional outdoor feel. These include Timber, No 6 Festival, Just So Festival and the Good Life Experience Festival, plus several smaller festivals.

At the Good Life festival we provide the 108’ long army GS marquee for Makers Row, this is  the longest army tent we have seen built. We could go longer!