Wedding Trends for 2024

What wedding trends does Posh Frocks and Wellies predict for 2024?

Whether you follow the trends or not, they’re still totally useful for getting wedding ideas and inspiration. We’ll walk you through some of the hottest influences that we foresee being big next year! 

It’s all about the both of YOU! It’s all about YOUR wedding

Getting married is one of the most personal occasions of your life, and we believe that 2024 will celebrate this more than ever. Weddings are becoming increasingly focused on the couple getting married, and what you are invited to on the day is a true reflection of their relationship and future life together. 

Instead of thinking about what Aunty Irene wants your wedding to be, 2024 is all about the couple to be – yes, you, the happy couple. And when it comes to personalising a wedding, the possibilities are truly endless.  Check out some of the creative ways our previous customers have expressed themselves at their weddings

Sustainability – Think local

We’re finding our guests have sustainability as a high priority in their day, and we think this will continue into the new year. With locally sourced seasonal food and flowers, wedding favours and accessories, it seems there’s a growing respect for community and all that it brings with it.  

Digital platforms and budget

Having sustainability at the forefront of your mind can also prove to be a great asset for the budget. We’re seeing a rise in digital invites and save the dates, and with the creation of wedding websites, all the necessary information is included in this so information never gets lost.  

We also absolutely love that guests who are unable to travel can now get a live stream to a wedding so they can still be a part of the day – great for the planet and your wallet! Speak to our team to see how easily we can make this happen! 

Vintage repurposing

We’ve got a hunch that our passion for repurposing and buying once are going to heavily influence the wedding scene next year; Vintage is big, and it’s here to stay. We’ve already seen glimpses of repurposing family wedding attire, and the pimping up of second-hand wedding dresses and suits to make them genuinely one-of-a-kind and fitting for you. 

Not only will rescuing fabrics be on trend, but making DIY decorations is set to hit the scene on a large scale. The zero-waste ethos will work its way into table settings, favours, flower arrangements and more. 


Thinking about your tribe

And, while a wedding is all about the couple to be married, there’s a growing attentiveness and regard as to what the bridesmaids and groomsmen will wear. The trend for matching clothing, no matter who is wearing it, is ever disappearing and there’s a newfound respect for sourcing dresses and suits with different cuts and colours that each accentuate the wearer of the clothing. 

It's our belief that a few fashion trend's themes, colours and styles will return in 2024!

First, we’re going back to the 1970s, when music ranged from bohemian to groovy disco to hippy and glam rock. There’s no shortage of inspiration because the 1970s covered a variety of genres. Put on your thinking caps and prepare for wild stag, hen, and sten doos! 

Tropical trends are causing lots of ripples for those seeking sun and solace. Tropical colours and hibiscus designs are going to be hot! Ideas for foods and drinks can include these influences we’re thinking pineapple, coconut, hot pinks, bright blues and rainbow of colours. Imagine your pre-wedding celebrations in one of our luxury marquees, on a beach or in a spa or in one of our luxury marquees; handcraft your own lei’s and go tropical. 

Let’s rock together! Everyone will be literally rocking away with metallic nails, glam makeup, and flamboyant accessories as metal music makes a comeback. There’ll be air guitars a plenty due to the growing popularity of metallics, blues, silver, and striking chrome colours.  


There’s a good chance the retro vibe will extend to musical choices too. Vintage jazz is going to be BIG. Jazz funk bands, piano jazz, vocal jazz; just like the 70s, there are many styles to make your day really swing! 

Move over bars, move into the coffee shop! 

Bringing the café vibe to your afternoon, with anything from espresso to flavored lattes, is bang on trend right now. So, get your chalkboards ready as coffee bar influences may play a role in your wedding. But, if you enjoy tea or hot chocolate, then you know what to do! 

Cheers to crafting a sweet and memorable celebration!