Frequently Asked Questions

We hope these help answer any queries not covered elsewhere on the website

What is included in the website marquee prices?

Pricing is per event spanning a single weekend

The prices are all inclusive of matting, linings, uplighters, fairy lights etc.

Extra items such as tables, chairs, dance floors, stages, bars, toilets, generators, catering marquees, bespoke linings etc are priced separately.

How much deposit do we need?

We will ask you for a 30% deposit, this can be spread out in two 15% payments over a period of three months. The balance is due one month before the marquee event.

Do we have to have our own insurance?

Insurance against damage, breakages, vandalism or any unexpected loss, etc. is the responsibility of the hirer once the marquee is completed and is a requirement of our terms and conditions.

What can happen in high winds?

The marquees have been structurally assessed to take winds up to 50 mph. They are secured with large iron stakes and multiple ropes. In windier seasons or when high winds are forecast, additional stakes and ropes will be added. The design is traditional and has stood the test of time. When wind speeds are high, it may not be possible to build or dismantle a marquee safely.

Can the marquee catch fire?

All fabrics are fire retardant to BS7837

When do you come and build the marquee?

We would typically like to have completed the installation at least 24 hours before the event.  Typically we will build the marquee two or three days before the event, installation can take more than one day for larger and / or multiple tents.

When will the marquee be dismantled?

At your convenience but typically within a day or two after the event – including weekends and bank holidays. Marquees in public venues are typically dismantled the day after the event.

Will the marquee get cold?

The marquee can be heated to whatever temperature you prefer using an indirect heater.

Can the marquee walls be taken down in warm weather?

The walls can be drawn back to suit the weather and closed as it gets cooler.

Can you put the marquee on bumpy or sloping ground?

Not on a ski slope! When the ground is bumpy, sloping or uneven we can build a wooden floor which follows the ground contours. This will incur extra cost.

What types of dance floor are available?

Parquet, Black and white, Black or White LED.

Does the marquee have windows?

Panoramic Window are available, these can be fitted to most of the marquee if that is what you prefer.

Will you visit the site to carry out a survey at no cost?

Yes and there is no obligation

What kind of toilets can we have?

We are happy to recommend Blue Loos and Waterloo Hire for Luxury Trailer toilets.

Will we need a generator?

You will need a generator for all field based events, static power can be used from buildings but is not always suitable. A site visit will usually establish your requirements.

Do you provide generators

We don’t provide generators as we don’t have the qualifications or experience to meet the current regulations