Autumnal blog

Autumn is indeed a beautiful, evocative season.

While organising a wedding is exciting at any time of year, there is something particularly alluring about an autumnal wedding that evokes thoughts of cosiness, warmth, and rich colours.
And the essence of Autumn can be magnificently captured with our beautiful choice of marquees.
Imagine seeing your wedding marquee, set within a bloom of Autumnal colours. Situated in a stunning location where the natural beauty of the outdoor view can be indulged in all day, especially with the option of our clear panoramic windows that allow the rich abundance of colours to flow into the marquee naturally: reds, oranges, yellows, purples, plums, sparking golds.

One of the most impressive aspects of getting married in autumn is the fantastic natural light, which is ideal for photography.

We love that the sun sets earlier at this time of year as it means the sky can feature stunning pinks and purples in early evening photos, and with a marquee set against these dramatic skies it can truly be a feast for the eyes.
Just so you know, all our marquees can have exterior festoon lighting as an optional extra. It looks wonderful against an Autumnal night time sky and with the darker nights, it is the best season for getting the most out of these lights.

Autumn inspires playfulness - who can resist crunching the leaves!

Playfulness can be seamlessly incorporated into an Autumn wedding, which gives you endless possibilities for adding little touches that your guests will always remember.
For many people, Autumn is a season filled with warm memories and traditions. Ideas such as jumping into a leaf pile, carving pumpkins, building scarecrows, playing conkers, or assembling natural materials into a children’s craft table could be the ideal addition to your wedding
There’s never a better time of year if you love themes. Autumn is a season for everything from the simple and rustic to ultra 50’s glamour. Perhaps you’re a Harry Potter lover, or the beauty of a Bohemian wedding appeals to you. How about a rainbow theme? With all the autumnal colours, you’re almost there.

Always remember, with Autumn, comes a range of weathers.

If your budget allows, consider providing a basket with umbrellas, and one for blankets. Perhaps you could have a few sets of hats, scarves, gloves and non-slip thick socks on-hand? We know for sure that even if they are not needed, there’ll always be one guest who sets the ball off using everything you have provided and brings it all to the dance floor!
All things considered, Autumn provides a unique blend of natural beauty and a feeling of change, making it perfect for the start of your new lives together.
This is why marquee weddings are ideal for capturing the true essence of autumn.